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Advantages Of Hiring UI/UX Design Services In Hong Kong

User experience is an important part of web development. User experience is all about designing, branding, and usability.

Complete happiness is calculated upon when estimating the efficiency of a design which leads to different types of qualitative results that may benefit a business in many ways.

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KPI –  Key Performance Indicators, a rather measurable metric which helps a business track their growth towards achieving goals. In short, KPI is the advancement determined with respect to satisfying user experience goals. It is also known as UX KPI.

User metrics or KPI is different than those that are used in marketing sales or finance. This is because KPI is calculated with respect to human behavior and sometimes attitude.

 Hence it is difficult to determine results especially when you want to measure human experience. It is has been proven that UX KPIs are important in providing an insight into the magnitude or size of usability-related matters. It helps track the various aspects involved in this.

There are two different types of UX KPI's which UX designers generally choose. They have been mentioned below:

Quantitative UX KPIs

  • Rate of success
  • Timeline of a task
  • Search versus navigation
  • The error rate every user's faces
  • System Usability Scale

Qualitative UX KPIs

  • Expectation
  • Performance
  • Overall satisfaction