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What is a Trailer Tent?

These days, technology is expanding at a dramatic pace. While a lot of technology is potentially harmful to the environment and creates distractions in our lives, there are many new innovations that are making it more convenient and hospitable to connect with nature.

One such innovation is the trailer tent. These contraptions are compact trailers that can hitch on to the back of your truck. Once you've found a place to camp, you simply open it up, set it up, and within minutes you have a weather resistant living place.

A trailer tent and mini travel trailers is similar to an RV. Both can be used as portable dwelling places. The main difference that with RV's, the living area and the vehicle often one connected unit. Trailer tents, however, are more disconnected and compact.

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Trailer tents are a great way to connect to nature. Once you've got them set up and opened, there is usually plenty of space inside to eat and sleep. You can feel the ground and breathe the invigorating fresh air while still being protected from the elements with a roof over your head.

They are fairly easy to put together and take apart, and storage is simplified by the fact that it all folds down back into the trailer.

Some varieties are adapted sufficiently that you can still store things on top of the trailer such as off-road vehicles, or canoes, making it easy to create that camping trip you've always dreamed of. They are a great tool to help you connect with nature.

If you are considering getting one, make sure to consider all of your needs, such as how long your trip will be, how often you plan to camp, what features you want, and what your budget is.