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Why Pray for the World?

When every heart is equipped with selfishness in the world, when every mind consumes logic alone, when every hand earns for itself, when a man is unmindful of his neighbour's sufferings, why on this earth should we pray for the whole world? This question is often pondered by many.

But despite all, we have to pray for others' welfare, for we are human. Being human is the greatest boon man should avail of. You can browse to get more info on prayers.

For this, he should be grateful to the Lord and the only way to show his gratitude to Him is to pray for the welfare of the whole world. God is happy when you are selfless, for that is the very characteristic feature of a human being. Peace should be his only motive. Peace should not be at individual level alone but at a global level.

What can a normal human being do to promote peace in the world will be the next question. Be peaceful at heart and let your heart smile at all times despite the materialistic problems in life.

Problems are eternal shadows of human life. The best way to get rid of them is to try to trim down their intensity. Let your heart relax and live in peace though the mind fluctuates. There is nothing wrong in trying. Every trial leads to a hobby. When it becomes a hobby, anything seems to be easy.