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Use of Reflexology in Pregnancy

When you hear the word reflexology, what is in your mind? Most people just think of it as a form of massage that only brings relaxation. To understand the exact nature of massage therapy deeper reflection, you will probably need to read the whole book.

However, just to give the public insight, reflexology is much more than just a massage. This is a technique that is known throughout the world, which uses compression-rubbing techniques to massage the area called reflex points. You can find reflexology services in Vaughan through

Reflex points associated with and can affect the energy corresponding to a particular place in the body. Very often this energy flow becomes blocked or slowed down, and when this happens reflexology can remove, reinforce and fix this problem.

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Reflexology will bring not only relaxation but also relief from stress, pain, and various diseases. In addition, it helps to stimulate the different systems in the body especially the digestive and nervous systems. It is a holistic approach that induces balance in both mind and body.

Some diseases that reflexology can cure are migraines, chronic headaches, sleep disorders, PMS, indigestion, back pain, and disease of the respiratory system.

Little known benefits of reflexology therapy are during pregnancy, and in particular as part of prenatal care. This shows how gentle and non-evasive reflexology can. Some midwives worldwide are using reflexology and they reported that it was very effective.

Reflexology can also help couples who want to conceive. Treating both parents-to-be will help them relax and reduce stress, which unfortunately is a common problem for couples when trying to conceive.