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What is Vocational Training?

There are two types of Vocational Training. The first type is commercially oriented vocational training programs. It is operated by for-profit organizations that have a major interest in the amount of profitability rather than specific functional areas of coverage offered.

The second type of Skills Training comes from the academic community. Both types of educational organizations are most often involved in vocational training Colleges and Junior Colleges. Undergraduate and Graduate Schools rarely engage in vocational training. You can get vocation training at Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Commercial vocational education programs typically offer both home-study programs through correspondence/websites as well as local on-site, hands-on, training. There are several Junior College also offers a home study course.

One of the barriers to entry into the commercial vocational training is a registration fee. It can be very expensive. Usually, the vocational training classes High School and Junior College are much cheaper than their commercial cousins offered. This applies to both local, hands-on, training and home study programs.

One problem with a home study course is that they are self-paced. Students often sign up for the program but do not have the self-discipline to keep them until the end. This often makes for the high dropout rate.

Another common limitation facing schools that offer hands-on training is finding people who are qualified to teach the course. It is often difficult to get an experienced instructor for many functional areas right hands-on training.