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Loft Conversions – Is Your Home Suitable?

For the people who have decided that loft conversions is the way to go in order to add on much needed space, you need to first ensure that your home is suitable for a conversion.

You will need to consult an architect to draw up the plans or a building contractor who specializes in loft conversions directly. You will also have to contact the local authorities to find out about planning permission and building regulations.

Now, before you do any of these things, there is something really important that you will need to do. Consider whether loft conversions will work in your home. You can browse professional loft conversion in walthamstow via to know more about loft conversion services.

One of the things you can do to check is to perform a simple exercise. Take a good look around your neighborhood to see if other houses are sporting dormer or Velux windows in the roof. 

However, don't let this put you off your loft conversion ideas. If you can find yourself an architect who specializes in loft conversions you may just be able to persuade the authorities to allow you to go ahead.

If height is the problem a good architect or builder can help you find a solution to the problem. Any loft with approximately 2 meters of height (from the base of the ridge beam to the top of the ceiling joist) can be converted without too much major alteration. There are ways of working around a loft that has less height as well, but as mentioned you will need a really bright builder to do the job.

Lowering the exiting floor ceiling to the top of the existing windows may work, as would raising the existing height of the ridge. These jobs are going to require planning consent, which is generally only given when the differences in ridge height among your immediate neighbors are quite significant.