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How to Choose the Best Hostel?


Today, hostels have become widely popular when compared to hotels. Not only is a hostel budget friendly but, there are tons of amazing experience that can be experienced in a hostel. However, one needs to be careful while booking a hostel when it comes to accommodation. These are some of the tips that will help you book for the best hostel.

  1. Consider Smaller Hostels –A smaller hostel is best for those who are traveling for work purpose. Smaller hostels are way quieter and you are bound to find more privacy. Moreover, you are bound to get better internet connection.
  2. Consider the Interior – When it comes to booking a hostel, it is important to consider the interiors. Just because the hostel has a bar to drink need not necessarily mean that it is the best. You also need to consider whether the hostel has the availability of spacious lounge, seats, tables and more.
  3. Consider the Atmosphere – It is absolutely crucial to find the best available atmosphere when it comes to booking a hostel. And by atmosphere it basically means good service, common rooms to meet new travelers and so on.
  4. Consider the Ratings and Reviews – A hostel comprising of 5-star rating is not enough to be proved as worth the staying. Make sure you read the reviews from the travelers that will give you a better picture.

If you follow these tips, then you are bound to have a great time in one of the best hostels in Thailand.

Dont Miss these Top Things in Thailand


Below are the things you should not miss while you are on a trip to Thailand:

  • Go crazy at the Khao San Road

Considered to be the backpacking hub of the world, it would be wrong to check the place out. The 1 km stretch is packed with hostels, bars, clubs, massage parlours and restaurants.

  • Dance Away the Night at the Full Moon Party

Held monthly, this event is famous for being one of the best and biggest all-night parties – picture neon paint, loud music and lots of alcohol. The Southern island of KohPhangan metamorphoses into party central of Asia.

  • Get your dead skin nibbled from your feet by fish

The fish spa is a type of a spa treatment in Thailand where tiny  fisheat of dead skin and dirt on the feet while you place them in a separate tank.

  • Learn Muay Thai

Take a few sessions to learn how to knock someone off their game the Muay Thai way. It’s a great way to et some exercise in amidst all the drinking.

  • Hire a Moped

Hiring a moped is pretty easy to do and it’s an affordable way to journey to the beach and back. Don’t forget to strap on the helmet

  • Eat lots of Pad Thai

This national dish made with noodles is everywhere. Every restaurant all over the country serves this. It is a staple for the Thai people. Though the dish may have a few variations or even a few additions, at the heart the ingredients are the same. 

Find great party hostels in Thailand and make the most of your Thai holiday.