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Granite Counter tops – Best Choice for Home

Granite is one of the hardest and most expensive stones used as countertops in many modern homes today. In previous days, granite was used to build temples and monuments and was rarely used in homes because it was a costly stone.

Gradually, the usage of this very beautiful stone doubled and people began experimenting using it as countertops. Today granite countertops in New York are more common than other materials because they have a number of beneficial features.

Basically, there are many reasons why granite tables are preferred by people even though they are a little expensive compared to other table materials.

Various designs and attractive colors can be obtained between tables made of granite. Some of the most popular colors include black, red, green, blue, brown and cream. Various designs can also be obtained between granite surfaces.

These countertops are strong and last a lifetime. It is not porous and therefore does not contain any bacteria. Because it is the heaviest stone next to the diamond, it is scratch-free and heat-resistant.

There are marbles with different designs including swirls, veins, and spots. No two countertops will be the same. Because these countertops do not contain any type of bacteria and germs, are easy to clean and maintain. It doesn't react with acid or maintains any type of stain.

Because of its unique and unmatched features, granite countertops are chosen by most architects and homemakers to enhance their kitchen and home.