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Information About Green Card

The green card is the official permit, granted by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to immigrants for living and working in US permanently. The Green card or United States Permanent Resident Card is a legal authorization status that shows that the immigrant is allowed the same status and rights as the natural-born US citizens. 

On the other hand, the immigrant keeps the citizenship of their home nation as a green card holder. If you want to know more information about the green card in the USA then you can check out: EB5 USA visa consultation – Investor visa USA

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The green card has been allowed for a period of 10 decades and may be renewed by submitting an application for permanent resident card renewal. Even though there are various procedures to qualify for the green card, many preferred ones comprise investments in US company, occupation-related legislation, sponsored immigration by relatives, as a refugee and reaching the green card through the Diversity Lottery Program.

Before you place in the program for a green card, then you have to make certain you satisfy the eligibility standards. Even though there are various procedures for the program, it is dependent on your immigration status when applying to your permanent resident card. However, the typical criteria for being qualified for this comprises:

• You Need to qualify under Immigration and Nationality Act classes

• if you're trying to get the permanent resident card via employment, the program for this needs to be filed by the company.

• You Must prove your eligibility to your green card to get immigrating to US

• For immediate relatives of their US citizen, visa is readily accessible but for many others using an immigrant visa is dependent on the residence state of the immigrant as well as the visa group.