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How to Choose a Yoga Instructor

We have all heard about the great health benefits that a regular Yoga practice offers, but if not done with correct posture and alignment that same Yoga practice can offer pain and even injury.

For this reason, it is very important to find a good Yoga Studio where you can practice with a well trained and knowledgeable Yoga instructor.

One that is not only well trained and knowledgeable about the philosophy and history of Yoga, but one that is also knowledgeable about the anatomy of the human body and the issue that you may be having with in your own body. You can contact best personal yoga trainer in Dubai to be physically fit.

Below are a few guidelines to help insure that you have found the right instructor for you:

1) Does the instructor have any background in group fitness, personal training, anatomy, etc.?

Although this should not be your determining factor, some of the best Yoga instructors out there came from a long Yoga practice as a student and may have absolutely no experience teaching any thing other than Yoga.

2) How long did the instructor practice Yoga as a student before deciding to become an instructor?

As mentioned above, some of the best Yoga instructors began as students. An instructor that did not practice Yoga at all before beginning a journey towards teaching Yoga is a sure sign of a group exercise instructor who just wants to teach because the gym is now offering Yoga and the more classes they can teach the better!

3) Does the instructor still practice Yoga, other than their time they spend teaching classes?

An instructor that uses their time teaching as their practice or workout, is an instructor that cares more about getting paid to workout than about the safety and well being of their students.

The classes we teach as instructors should have nothing to do with us and total focus and care placed on making the students safe to promote healing and wellbeing within their bodies.