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Amazing Dubai Desert Ride

Riding and admiring a mighty beast always gives goosebumps but it is an equally enthralling ride. Many desert safari operators offer camel ride to tourists who wish to see the desert landscape at a leisurely speed.

It is not exactly an adventurous activity, but similar to someone putting you to sleep in a swinging crib. For others who are bound to get seasick even at the slightest movement should avoid camels. You can enjoy various trips in Dubai like Dubai desert ride via

Camel rides are always done in groups, called caravans. So you will always have someone rocking the boat beside you. The whole caravan is steered by a skilled camel herdsman, who will ensure that the whole group enjoys the trip and reaches the destination safely.

There is also a team of horses to help the herdsman. Once the caravan reaches the destination, tourists can request for sandboarding, quad biking or any other optional desert activity. Otherwise, transport back to the hotel or residence in Dubai is arranged for.

Desert activities like camel riding are one of the major Dubai city activities and are available early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the harsh rays of the desert sun. Hotels in Dubai also arrange this kind of trip on request.