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Some Points About Canvas Prints

To transfer photos to canvas, you can have digital photos printed on canvas and use them instead of traditional photos.

Canvas Printing

Canvas prints are images that have been digitally printed on stretched canvas or wrapped in a gallery attached to a frame for display, with additional options to coat with gesso so that oil paint does not come into direct contact with canvas fibers. If you are looking for canvas printing then you may visit

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With a well-prepared canvas, the painter will find that each subsequent color layer slides thickly and that with the right consistency of the application, a painting without brush strokes can be achieved. Iron on the ironing board, set to a warm setting, then apply to a piece of wet cotton to smooth out wrinkles.

Photos, Prints, and Images for Canvas

To get your photos printed on canvas, the only thing you need to do is choose photos of people who are important to you. Today, many canvas printing companies offer services that are made specifically for printing photos on canvas. You can choose things like frame and canvas photo prints that best suit your budget needs.

Canvas is often the material of choice for artists because if treated properly it will last for decades.

Canvas prints also make use of modern printing technologies such as Giclee (or Giclée) to improve the quality of digitally printed images.