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Changes On The Organization And Its Vast Effects

 Change is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, this is just exactly what a company needs so it can compete in a man eat world society. It allows growth inside the company and it gives employees a room to improve. But then, not all organizational changes in Canada ended well. As great as the intention of change may be, the success of this would somehow depend on the open mindedness of those parties involved. If they refuse to work according to the modification implemented then most likely, it goes down to drain.

It is important that when a company thinks of changing something in the organization, there is a subtle process to help everyone adjust. As a matter of fact, most companies would use the three prong phased kind of approach to sustain the changes accordingly. This approach encompasses a wide range of factors.

First, the approach has to go through a stage called unfreezing. This is primarily one of the hardest process to go through when implementing a change. You see, this refers to identifying mistakes done previously and unlearning such habits so it will be completely removed out of the process.

Sometimes, when an employee gets used to the old ways, getting rid of those habits ingrained is hard. It takes time to get away of that culture they have been following for years. A valid example for that is the changes which are brought by technology on the manual processing. Most of the old employees are not that technically inclined to go through this.

There has to be enough training to somehow help them cope up with the changes. Now, you would only know that changes were successful once they began accepting the new implementations. Acceptance is basically the second phase of this approach. It success would be determined through the willingness of everyone who are part of entire organization.

Last phase will the refreezing wherein reinforcements are done to sustain the new culture adapted. Most management would lean into positive reinforcements. They could provide reward systems and praise to motivate the employees in embracing the changes and somehow do more. This certainly is effective way of enhancing their performance.

Now, the only problem in such approach is when the employees resist to embrace the alterations on the organization. As a person who handles the management, you cannot just simply get rid of those employees who are having a hard time adjusting. Most employees who are resisting and not willing to change are just afraid.

They are afraid that they will fail and somehow they lose their position in the company. You cannot pressure them. The least thing you could do is help them in the process so they would understand that it is not for them alone, it also is for the sustenance of your firm.

Encouragement and inspiring them is one of the best way to make them understand the importance of modifications. Make them aware of their previous contributions and allow them to see what other positive things they will be able to contribute if they start leaning into acceptance. From there, you most likely will achieve success.