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The Rise of the Buyers Agent

How best to utilise a Buyers Agent

The buyer's agent scene in Australia has been rising at astronomical rates since the turn of the century and also across the Tasmin sea in New Zealand.  The driving force behind this rise has been the increase in peoples schedules and the pace at which business works in today's society. 

We are now seeing a wide range of people turning to buyers agents from first-time buyers to successful property owners with portfolios. They seek the services to help cut through the red tape to find the ideal property; most importantly at the right price and without the time spent searching.

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In general, anyone seeking to use a buyers agent has something in common – he or she are having problems securing the property at the right price. 

It is also important to clear up the relationship between a buyers agent and a sellers agents, do these guys and girls dislike each other, is it a war between them, how does it work?

There are some myths to de-bunk as in fact buyers agents are in no-way enemies of real estate agents, it is true they drive a hard bargain on behalf of their client, but it's a win/win for both parties to get business concluded. 

A buyers agent is a representative that looks past dishes in the sink and looks at certified documentation relating to pests, the condition of the ceilings and roofs for example, and ensure everything is in working order and deal with the entire process from search to conclusion and no fee upfront. 

Plus an expert buyers agent knows the local markets price point ensuring that you pay the right price for the property.  They have multiple listings on their book and even features properties that haven't even been listed yet meaning you can turn up with chequebook in hand make the first offer, and it's a done deal.  

Using a buyers agent is a new way of buying property and is proving to be the best way.