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Eyebrow Transplants – The New Way to Get Thick Eyebrows

A term used to describe the injection of hair from different parts of the body into the eyebrow is eyebrow transplants, also known as eyebrow implants. Everybody wants to look natural. There are unfortunate people born with eyebrows that hardly see any eyebrows or very thin eyebrows that are so thinly pigmented that they don't seem to have any eyebrows. 

There are also others who, due to accident or illness, have lost all or part of their eyebrows and want to look normal. You can get more information about

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If you wanted to change your style then try the transplants for the eyebrow which helps people to look more attractive with completely natural eyebrows. Eyebrow transplants basically require hair removal and implantation into the eyebrow area from elsewhere in the body and create a new and better-looking array of eyebrows.

In eyebrow transplant process, eyebrows look simple but it is actually a complex, boring, and backbreaking procedure that takes hours to complete.

A strip of coarse hair is collected from the back of the scalp (for male eyebrows) or above the ears (for female eyebrows) under local anesthesia during an eyebrow transplant operation. The hairs are individually teased out and inserted into small cuts made on the eyebrow transplant area.

Careful post-operative care is required to ensure the feasibility of the eyebrow transplant. A person can expect in about 2 months with good care to have beautifully formed new and natural thick eyebrows.