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What All You Can Do To Keep Coyotes Under Control

Midwest has been dealing with the problem of coyotes in recent years as their habitat in the northern part of the United States has expanded. While coyotes tend to be shy around humans, increased interaction has made them less scared because they continue to move towards the residential area.

They especially pose a threat to pets such as cats and small dogs but they can also be a danger to children. However, there are several actions that residents can take to avoid attracting coyotes. And one of them is calling an experienced coyote removal company like

It is more effective to take precautions and avoid attracting them in the first place. They were mostly interested in the rest of the food so it is important to keep all food and garbage sealed in the trash and keep pet food inside.

Another way to avoid attracting coyotes to residential areas is to reinforce their fear of humans who seem to have faded. Action reinforces this fear is called hazing and can be done in various ways from simply making loud noises to approach them while wildly waving your hand.

Often shouting and waving frantically enough to scare them away, but some may require people to use more aggressive methods such as noisemakers, spraying them with a hose, or even throwing things at them. If hazing is done quite frequently in a given residential area, the coyotes would be afraid of humans and began to leave the area.