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Dog Lover Habits – A Quick Test To Determine Your Crazy Quotient

Do you find yourself among that rare breed of dog lover that your friends think have gone just too far in your love for your dogs? Read on and see if any of these dog lover traits sound all too familiar. If you are looking for the a Leash, Collar, Toy Or Blanket, then you can browse the web.

You’re parking circle repeatedly trying to find that perfect place for your dog. You know who I mean – not too close to the building or traffic, in many colors on a warm day, and by all means clearly visible from the door so he could see all the comings and goings. We do not want our dog to be too bored or lonely while we were in the office market, the gym or heading.

We feather their bed just once more; to make sure they are comfortable cozy during the evening hours of time. And of course, if they have to consider our beds more to their liking at 4:00 am, we were happy to assist with the shift to the edge, challenging cold toes or worse, dangerous fall-off to the bottom floor.

If they ask to be in the shower with us during our morning shower, we will leave the door open should they feel an urgent need to go, even if it means less privacy and the striking design of the cold.

We planned our dinner show around their eating habits, they beg for food in early so we could sit comfortably in the restaurant waiting for our entrée, flooded fog peace knowing they are safe at home with a full stomach.